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Silver & Gold Vs Dollars

We’re at the peak of a historically worst economic crisis. While this is a time when many stand to lose much of everything they have, it is also the moment when great wealth transfers will occur that those with the privy to hidden financial principles will be on the receiving side as history has proven repeatedly.

But unlike the past, this time the secret is out for people who are willing to learn. Step up from the losing side and walk over into the receiving arena of the game where winning is not a gamble but a choice. It is not too late and it is completely legal.

Be informed and enjoy peace of mind!

With this FREE App you’ll have access to rare information and videos that will empower you to pursue financial prosperity regardless of your present financial status. You will find valuable information on:
1. The Wealth Cycle principle
2. History of Gold and Silver as Money
3. Fiat Currencies
4. Free the Market
5. Live Gold and Silver charts
6. Resources that provide further insights and analysis towards sound investment opportunities

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YOU too can be at the receiving end of the greatest wealth transfer soon to happen. Here’s how… First, get hold of this App NOW while it is still FREE!
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JazzaarFestival Mobile Apps

Jazzaar Festival presents music education of the future where young musicians learn on the bandstand with professionals on quality productions. It is their bridge to the international music industry!
Every April the audience is entertained with world class musical works; classics and premiers in the Afro-American, European and folk traditions as well as fusions into other world genres.
Since 1992 Jazzaar’s Bandstand Learning with Role Models has been the showcase of the basic ingredients for cultural sustenance – tradition, interaction, innovation and progress!
Whether you’re a music fan, professional or aspiring musician, grab this FREE app to keep up with the action!

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If you’re a promoter, musician or a fan in the region of Aargau/Solothurn in Switzerland, this is a perfect tool for you to keep up with infos and services from MusicAid – the band management company.

Included in this free app are:

  • Information about the current MusicAid Bands
  • All about upcoming events
  • Contact form for bands to apply
  • Contact us to engage bands

Grab the FREE App now!

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Mystery Laurie App

Mystery! American television’s famous Dr. House is the mysterious british actor Hugh Laurie, who is also a comedian, singer, musician and who knows what else he’s yet to reveal! Fans of the famous Dr. House will love this app as they’ll be one tap away from discovering new truths about Hugh Laurie. In this App you’ll have access to video clips, pictures, previews, biography and quizzes revealing the man posing as Dr. House! Grab your FREE app today and be the wiser now!

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Shanti Music Mall Mobile Apps

Looking for top quality music related products and services in Mobile Apps? Here’s a one stop virtual music mall where you’ll find anything original related to music, CDs, bands for hire, concerts, music education and even a way to commission compositions for your special occasions – any style! Imagine That! Browse around our music mall with this FREE App! You’re bound to find something you need. DOWNLOAD for Android