Empire State Group

The Empire State Group is co-led by Fritz Renold (ss,as) and Mark Soskin (p) accompanied by Harvie Swartz (b) and Victor Lewis (dr). The group is available in various formations, i.e. original quartet, quintet and sextet with guest soloists. In their last performance Randy Brecker (tp) and Jerry Bergonzi (ts) joined to make it sextet.


Fritz Renold (ss, as), Harvey S (b), Victor Lewis (dr), Mark Soskin (p)


Jazz New Originals, Jazz Standards, Songs from the album Benjamin Sujesh


Instrument & equipment riders are available upon request.
Transportation for the following number of musicians and up to 4-day Hotel facility

Within Switzerland and Germany:
– Ground transportation for 4-6 musicians
– Return flight for 4-6 musicians when applicable