Shanti Music was founded in 1986 by Fritz Renold (President) and Helen Savari (Vice President) and incorporated in 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts but moved its residency from Boston (USA) to Schönenwerd, in the Canton Solothurn (Switzerland) as "Kollektivgesellschaft" later that year on the 1st of September.

Since their return from the United States to Switzerland in the early 90s, Fritz and Helen Renold have placed an emphasis on developing students’ talents to reach qualities compatible to the international standard of musicianship.  A concept called ‘Bands across the Sea’ was then born with the employment of Fritz Renold at the ‘Alten Kantonsschule Aarau’.  The Renolds began this concept by engaging Fritz’ band the Bostonian Friends and consequently other jazz greats of the international music scene, linking them with young aspiring student musicians in studying and performing a given piece of music together.  Such an emphasis has now become especially relevant 17 years later in an educational environment that is in a process of making major changes and expansion to be compatible with the Bologna treaty, particularly in the music field. 


The engagements of the company are:


- Live Productions (Jazz, Jazz-Classical Fusion, World Music

- Commissions for Compositions

- Productions of Events such as jazzaar concerts

- CD Productions

- Music Publishing and publishing of printed material

- Publishing CD’ & DVD through Shanti Records™

- Music Agency for Bands

- Music School (Music Theory and Instrumental Studies)

- Educational seminars in various areas of the Afro American Music

- Dealer of Music Educational Material