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"Starlight" by Bostonian Friends


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Fritz Renold and the Bostonian Friends

Produced by Fritz Renold
1. A New Kind (Fritz Renold)
2. Stella By Starlight (Victor Young-Ned Washington)
3. Lydia Meets Benny (Fritz Renold)
4. None of Your Business (Christian Jacob)
5. My Heart Feels For You (Fritz Renold)
6. Palliladoodap (Christian Jacob)
7. Suite For Maynard Ferguson (Fritz Renold)


Randy Brecker (Tp)
Franco Ambrosetti (Flh)
Fritz Renold (As)
Bill Pierce (Ts)
Christian Jacob (P)
Mark Soskin (Kbds)
Miroslav Vitous (B)
Mike Richmond (B)
Danny Gottlieb (Dr)
Adam Nussbaum (Dr)

Additional Information
Delivery Time 24 Hours
Publication Date 4 April 1997
Label Sony - Columbia Records