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Saxophon Concerto #1
Movement I
Movement II
Movement III
Alto Saxophon
Flöte 1
Flöte 2
Klarinette in Bb
Violine 1 (10x)
Violine 2 (8x)
Bratsche (6x)
Cello (4x)
Kontrabass (2x)
The first Saxophon Concerto of swiss alto saxophonist was orchestrated by Adi Yeshaya. The 16 minute Concerto reflects the affinity of Renold to Jazz. The Difficulty level is 4+. The perfect set up for strings would be: 10 1. Violins, 8 2. Violins, 6 Violas, 4 Celli and 2 Upright Basses.
The Concerto is also available as a Saxophon/Piano Duet.
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Delivery Time 3 days
Publication Date 6 November 2005
Label Shanti Music Publication
Artist Fritz Renold
Comment Saxophon Concerto for Chamber Orchestra - Opus 354

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