Bandstand Learning with Role Models (20th year)

Bandstand Learning with Role ModelsTM is a Shanti Music Education program that is produced every April at Jazzaar Festival Aarau, in Switzerland.
Bandstand Learning with Role ModelsTM has equipped many a young musician with high aspirations in pursuing excellence with the task at hand. Its alumni are known for continuing to contribute professionalism in any field they have since ventured into. Naturally many have also gone to lead a life of music successfully both within the country and internationally. The emphasis of this educational concept is on Role Modeling, that which requires exemplary mentors for effective motivation of learners into emulating them in the art of music making and problem solving.

Watch video of a Bandstand Learning with Role ModelsTM production below!

Clarinet Concerto – Concerto For Charles

Written by Fritz Renold – Featuring Christoph Schnyder (cl) – Directed by Christian Jacob.

Performed by: Steve Reid (tp), Tom Garling (tb), Kevin Axt (bs), Ray Brinker (dr), Urs Burkard (tp), Simon Stücheli (tp), Maja Haus (tp), Sebastian Krebs (tb), Christian Dysli (tb), Dimitri Spiess (tb), Diandra Russo (as), Christoph Huber (ts), Michael Zinniker (ts), Nick Zihlmann (bs), Marcel Czaja (pn) and Nicolas Czaja (bs)

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